Automatically transfer leads from webpage to CRM

Have potential clients contact us and automatically feed them into our CRM system

Previus chapters in this guide: Setting up your webpage

Time to implement: 20 minutes

First things first:

When you have signed up for Zapier you'll be presented with the website below. Simply follow step 1-4 below and the zap (5) should magically load.

Integrating webflow with our CRM system

On the next page, you simply sign in to webflow and SalesMate.

After this you'll get to setting up your zap. It'll look something like this:

Setting up your zaps

The SalesMate settings should already be set up and look like this:

Hooking Salesmate up with Zapier

After this, you'll be prompted to sign in to Salesmate and provide an access key, which Zapier tells you where to find (don't worry, that's also easy).

Finally, match the last name and email with the appropriate values from the form via the dropdown menu (if you don't want to clean this up manually, you can in webflow add the ability to leave first and last name and match them accordingly in Zapier).

Automatically create a contact in CRM when a form is filled out on your webpage

Click continue afterwards.

When your test is succesfull you will get the following message. You are now good to go, so turn on the zap, shown at the bottom of the image.

Turn on the zap when test is succesfull.

Pro-tip. It is not pictured above but under "customize contact" in Zapier scroll down to tags, type in "website form lead" or similar so you know where the contact comes from

When tested and set up it should look like this in SalesMate.