Setting up your consultancy business

Guide for: Consultancy freelancers & businesses with 1-20 employees

In this guide series we will be showing you how to automate every part of your consultancy business.

We will set up a webpage, implement a CRM system, get our proposal software up and running and hook up our accounting...

... and the best part?

It'll take less than a day!

No just kidding - that's not the best part...

The best part?

All of your software will speak to each other.

  • You'll be sending invoices automatically
  • Your CRM will know and auto-update when a proposal is accepted or rejected
  • And much more

In the following we are going to show to get an awesome IT setup in your consulting business. This exact setup will automate your processes, make your business scalable and make your life easier.

We use many of the same programs ourselves and will highlight when there is overlap between our recommendations and our own software stack.

Checklist: Here's the software you need for a consultancy business

  • Webflow to host your webpage (we use this)
  • SalesMate as your CRM system (we use this)
  • Form Software to generate leads from your own website
  • Proposify to keep track of your proposals (and see if people have even opened them!)
  • Freshbooks or Quickbooks for accounting
  • Zapier to tie it all together

Here's the software you might need for your consultancy business

  • *Time tracking software *****to... you guessed it - track time!
  • Invoice software - covered by Freshbooks or Quickbooks
  • Basic software such as email, virus, etc. [You can check out our basic guide for that stuff here].

So let's get started with setting up our webpage below. Alternatively you can jump to any of the other chapters, also linked below